The art of applying Stucco Italian decorative finishes

In the hands of a skilled craftsman, Stucco Italian decorative finishes can be applied in almost unlimited variations. From dramatically-coloured and glazier smooth to soft and subtle hand-crafted textures, the finish is limited only by the client’s imagination – and the craftsman’s skill.

Unlike paint or wallpaper, where the skill of the applicator doesn’t have a huge effect on the result, the appearance that can be achieved with Stucco Italian decorative finishes is entirely dependent on the skill of the craftsman applying it.

Traditionally, Stucco Italian decorative polished plaster is applied in three coats. A scratch coat is the first coat and is cured before any other coats are applied, with a plastic or wire mesh lath embedded into the base coat to provide support. The next coat, the brown coat, is applied and levelled to make sure the surface is smooth and even.

Once the brown coat has completely dried, the top coat is applied. This top coat (often called a finish coat) is typically completed by hand and it’s here that the artistry of Stucco Italian decorative plaster is demonstrated.

At Stucco Scozia, we pride ourselves on creating unique spaces that match the vision of our clients. Our craftsmen use genuine Novacolor products to create almost any sheen, texture or colour imaginable, creating spaces that tell stories. Whether it’s a metallic finish that gives a sleek, elegant sheen or textured surfaces that speak of history and homeliness, the skill of our craftsmen allows us to bring the vision of our clients to life.

Interested in using a Stucco Italian decorative finish in your next project? Get in touch and find out how Stucco Scozia can help you create something incredible.