Why choose a Stucco Italian decorative finish?

For centuries, in everything from colossal cathedrals to arthouse apartments, Stucco Italian polished plaster has been used to create incredible spaces. Whether used as a finish on interiors, exteriors or simply to add a decorative flourish, it’s a material that provides a range of benefits over more traditional wallpaper or paint.

A specially formulated mixture with a cement base that is applied by hand or sprayed to create different colours and textures, Stucco Italian decorative finishes are naturally water, fire, and noise-resistant and, as well as the more practical benefits, it also enables aesthetic options that just aren’t possible with more traditional materials.

When applied by a skilled craftsman, genuine Stucco Italian decorative finishes can create almost any sheen, texture or colour imaginable. Whether used in homes, offices or large-scale projects, Stucco Italian decorative plaster’s flexibility can create spaces that are subtle, understated and sophisticated or colourful and dramatic.

From a metallic glazier-smooth finish that brings a seductive, subtly shifting light to any room, to softly-textured surfaces that add a depth of colour and old-world elegance, Stucco Italian decorative finishes create spaces with soul.

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